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"SHRIPAD AGENCIES" Specialist in Industrial Packaging Materials

Customized Solutions in Protective Packaging & Cushioning

At Shripad Agencies, we have developed customized solutions specifically for the requirements of various industries to take care of problems like breakages, scratches, dents, abrasions and corrosion. A unique ability to identify the precise solution for a specific need, and you have India’s most versatile and competitive solution provider across virtually the whole range of foam products.

Every product has been developed after continuous interaction and understanding the needs of the changing demands of the new generation equipments. All our products are manufactured from virgin raw material, and undergo a comprehensive 7-Step quality check thus assuring the best quality, and thereby offering value for money. We also offer specialty products that comply with national & international standards such as BIS, ASTM, ROHS, UL94, FMVSS etc. Shripad Agencies prides itself in being a provider of complete and cost-effective solutions for every need related to packaging and cushioning. In fact, the scope of services also extends to support for related requirements like thermal & acoustic insulation and construction accessories.


Packaging of consumer durables and white goods like TV covers, Refrigerator packaging, LCD / LED packaging, Carpet underlays, gaskets, seat cushion inserts, door liners, side / roof panels, Electronic & Machinery equipements, etc.



TV, Computers/Monitors, Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Electronic Equipments, Glassware, Ceramics, Polyster Yarn/Film, Handicrafts, Printers, UPS, Currency Teller Machine, Diagnostic Kits & Surgical Equipments and other fragile delicate products.



Carpet underlays, gaskets, seat cushion inserts, door liners, side/roof panels etc. Transit packing of vehicles, returnable/multiple use packing material, domestic and exports spares packing, component packing, packing material for 2-wheelers, steering wheel covers, etc.



Insulation - Paramount EPE Rolls and Insu-Tubes are being used widely for insulation of Windows, Split AC, Air Handling Units and AC Ducting Industrial Chillers, Cold Storages and Refrigerated Vans/Containers and Industrial Refrigerator.

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Shripad Agencies Protective packaging and cushioning division is geared up for the upcoming challenges and is confident to meet the industry demand through increase in the capacity, better market understanding, improved coverage & advance planning, continues improvement in product quality, new application development as well as enhancement in the service level.



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